4 Recipes Certified “The Best” By Our Community

We’ve noticed recently that there are many recipes on our site that are unanimous hits among our community. So much so, that we felt a few of these recipes were worthy of being labelled “the best” because, according to you, they are simply excellent!

Here are four recipes, two sweet and two savoury, that, thanks in large part to you, have been inducted into the pantheon of our best recipes. If you haven’t tried them yet, now’s the time!


1. Chocolate-Hazelnut Brownies

As one of our users simply put it: “Everyone flipped out” over this recipe. And with good reason, because it is simply tasty!

2. Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf

What can we say? This dessert is simply the zest!


3. Oven-Roasted BBQ Chicken

From the recipe’s simplicity to the accuracy of the final result, this is a classic from the RICARDO catalogue. When you’re looking for moist and succulent chicken, this recipe is it. Many have even commented that they could never go back to any other oven-roasted-chicken recipe. 

4. Fernande’s Gravlax

Fernande’s recipe takes us back to basics: salmon, salt, sugar and dill. And given that it takes two days to prepare, making gravlax isn’t a last-minute decision; you anticipate, you wait and you savour. 

For the curious among you, Fernande is the mother of Hélène Laurendeau, nutritionist and longtime collaborator with RICARDO.

Is your favourite recipe not in this list? In your opinion, which of our recipes is worthy enough to enter the temple of the best RICARDO recipes? Be sure to share your thoughts in the Comments section below!