6 Recipes to Try with Your Precision Cooker

You are now the proud owner of a sous vide precision cooker because you’ve earned it, but are you on the lookout for a few good recipes that use this revolutionary cooking tool? Here are six new recipes to make the most of your immersion circulator. Let’s begin!

1. Sous Vide Flap Steak with Grilled Carrots and Herbed Fresh Cheese

Marinating a piece of meat ahead of time is a thing of the past thanks to sous vide cooking! The big revolution with this tool is how you can easily control the cooking time for a meat that can be rare or pink, when compared to the slow cooker or the oven. It’s a level of precision that can’t be rivaled!

2. Sous Vide Buttered Carrots

We can’t talk about this mouth-watering steak without mentioning its side: buttered carrots. Clip your bag to the edge of your pot to ensure the opening isn’t submerged in water. After 30 minutes, the carrots will be cooked to perfection!

3. Sous Vide Tuna Confit with Fennel and Grapefruit Salad

In the immersion circulator, and while respecting the cooking time on the grill, a successful medium tuna steak has never been easier. Take the steaks, which have been encased in various aromatics and some olive oil, and dunk them in the water for 15 minutes. Then toss them on the grill before serving with a side of fresh fennel and grapefruit salad. It’s a delight.

4. Sous Vide Turkey Roast with Bacon

Cooking a turkey roast wrapped in bacon sous vide ensures the meat is moist and juicy, as if the poultry had been brined in the fridge for 24 hours. Brown it on the grill for five minutes and the roast is ready to serve! Be sure to save a few slices for a turkey and avocado sandwich.

5. Grilled Octopus and Vegetable Salad with Carrot Juice Couscous

It’s a bit difficult to find that perfect balance with octopus. Cook it for too long, and the tentacles become mushy; cook it not long enough, and they become rubbery. Thankfully, you can count on your precision cooker for the perfect texture, which you then can enjoy in a salad with couscous and grilled veggies!

6. Sous Vide Confit Rhubarb

Rhubarb is a fragile ingredient; with even the slightest direct heat, it can break apart. Like a miracle, with sous vide you can confit it without any damage. Just place it in an airtight bag with sugar and water, and then briefly place it in a bath of boiling water. The result? Tender pieces in a lightly sweet syrup, perfect for a fruit salad!

Consult our practical guide to sous vide cooking to find out more about steps, temperatures and cooking times of different proteins. After reading it, you’ll have many practical tips at your disposal.