3 Types of Ciders to Discover

There are now a wide variety of ciders on the market. As with wine, they can be paired with certain dishes to enhance their flavours. Here are the most well-known types of ciders as well as some of our favourite pairings.

Farmhouse ciders

Ciders referred to as “farmhouse” style are distinguished by aromas reminiscent of hay and farms. To make them requires natural yeast, with no added sulfites. Fermentation gives these ciders a natural effervescence. Generally dry, they can be enjoyed as an aperitif, alone or with firm cheeses.

Flat ciders

These types of ciders are not effervescent and can be mild or dry, with their alcohol levels varying between 1% and 15%. Their traditional manufacturing method makes for accessible and versatile ciders with fruity aromas. They can even replace white wine at the table, served with pork or fish, or at brunch with gravlax and quiche.

Ice ciders

Created from frozen apple must, ice ciders have a beautiful caramel colour and a sweet, creamy mouthfeel. They are typically served as an aperitif with salty cheeses or foie gras, or for dessert with a fruit pie or a few pieces of chocolate.

Learning about these new products allows you to expand your culinary horizons and go beyond traditional food and wine pairings. For those who are curious, we also explored the details surrounding the infamous orange wine. Click below to find out more.