6 Quebec Alcohol-Infused Dessert Ideas

We admit it. We have been a little excessive. How? By having fun infusing our desserts—sometimes to the point of saturation—with syrups made from our favourite local alcohols. Gorged with fragrant concoctions of honey, blackcurrant, maple, coffee or apple, the results are scrumptiously intoxicating.

1. Rum and Maple Babas

Maple flavour is the unexpected guest in this quickly made recipe, adding a local touch to the classic French dessert. Bake the babas in the oven until golden before soaking them in a divine blend of rum and maple syrup. Enjoy as is, or with whipped cream and fruit. 

2. French Toast Cubes with Apple and Brandy Sauce

Sometimes called “eggy bread,” French toast is made of brioche cubes soaked in a mixture of eggs and milk. The cubes are pan-fried, then served topped with a brandy caramel sauce garnished with apple spirals. Everybody loves this deliciously sweet and gooey treat, perfect for any occasion.

3. Maple-Whisky Cake

Maple and whisky make the perfect pair in this recipe, coming together in the warm syrup that infuses the lusciously fragrant nutmeg and cinnamon cake. Though easy to make, this dessert will impress because of its typical round and fluted shape, the result of baking it in a Bundt pan. Beautiful, delicious, uncomplicated—you will make it yours in no time! 

4. Blueberry and Crème de Cassis Poke Cake

Do you know poke cakes? They are cakes that have holes poked in them which are then filled with a sweet, syrupy, flavourful concoction. For this soaked dessert, we decided to pair a blueberry and crème de cassis sauce with a vanilla cake, so that it infuses the pastry. Guaranteed love at first bite!

5. Pecan, Almond and Mead Baklavas

This variety of pecan and almond baklava differs from the traditional recipe, which prefers pistachios and walnuts. This recipe also includes, among other unusual ingredients, a mead-enhanced honey syrup that is poured all over the hot pan right out of the oven. Baklavas can be kept at room temperature for 7 to 10 days.

6. Coffee-Vodka Cake

With its 5-star rating, this very simple recipe is a real hit at mealtimes. It’s the slices, rather than the whole cake, that are infused with a coffee- and vodka-flavoured syrup. Topped with Chantilly cream, you will never be able to resist this exquisite cake, which only gets creamier with every new bite.

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