3 Ways to Chop an Onion Without Crying

How can we resist onions? A key ingredient in French onion soup and onion jam, this smelly, pungent bulb is present in almost all recipes you cook in your kitchen, in either small or large quantities. But before you can cook with onions, you need to chop them first and that can be a less than enjoyable experience. Want to keep the tears at bay? Try one of these three tried-and-true tricks!

Did you know?

The reason you shed a few tears when slicing or dicing an onion is due to enzymes that are released when its skin is broken. These then produce an irritating gas that turns into sulphuric acid when it hits a person’s eyes.

1. Underneath the kitchen vent

Grab your cutting board and move away from the counter; this solution will have you chopping onions on the stove from here on out! Simply turn the range hood’s fan on high and it’ll suck up the onion’s sulphuric compounds before they can reach your eyes!

2. Wear ski goggles

And no, we're not kidding! If you’re an avid skier during the winter months, your trusty goggles will come in handy off the mountain as well. Ski goggles have a foam liner to ensure a comfy and sturdy fit. The foam creates a seal, so when in the kitchen, it offers great protection for your eyes.

3. Soak onions in water

Just peel the onion, cut it in half and let it soak in cold water for 10 minutes. This mellows out the onion’s pungent flavour by washing out the strong sulphur compounds, making the chopping process much more pleasant. This is also a great option if a recipe calls for raw onions in a sandwich or a salad.