Why You Need to Cook More Grains

Looking for a few shortcuts in the kitchen? Here’s one: Cook more grains! Brown rice, quinoa and barley are perfect to regularly keep on hand. Read on to see why you should eat more of them.

1. Why they’re a good choice

They are easy to cook, and are rich in nutrients like fibre. So when you need a filling side to your meat and veggies (without piling on more of the former), grains are simply the optimal choice. After all, a plate should ideally be filled half with vegetables, one quarter with meat or protein, and one quarter with grains.

2. Go-go grains

To save time when the workweek gets busy, we suggest doubling up when you cook grains like rice, barley or quinoa. With no extra time or effort at all, you’ll always have the perfect base on hand for a lunchtime salad or side dish!

3. How long to keep them

Grains also keep for several days, so they’re perfect for cooking at the start of the week and should remain good until Friday. Cooked rice keeps for 4 days in the fridge, and both cooked barley and quinoa keep for 3 to 5 days in the fridge.

Want to cook more grains? Here are a few recipes for you: