March Break 2022: A Record-Breaking Week!

For March Break this year, we’re inviting our kids to break all the records. Every day we’ve planned a recipe that’s sure to keep the little ones entertained, like the biggest cookie, the smallest pancakes or the biggest sandwich. Are you ready for the challenges?

Weekday projects

1. Monday: The biggest cookie

The biggest treat for the best (school-free!) Monday. A strong start to this March Break, this cookie is a classic at RICARDO. Plus, with plenty of toppings to choose from, everyone will be happy!

2. Tuesday: The smallest pancakes

After the very big, we move on to the very small. This challenge will start the day on a sweet note: Our double-chocolate pancake recipe is perfect for making the smallest pancakes possible. With the help of small spoons, place small amounts of batter in the pan and voila!

3. Wednesday: The most enormous sandwich

Want a lunch idea? A gigantic sandwich to share. Although it’s large, it is super-quick to prepare and works equally well as a fun dinner idea. It could even be a good choice to take along for lunch on an outdoor outing!

4. Thursday: The easiest ice cream

This ice cream recipe is so easy that the most complex step is to shake the bag to make it! Simply put on some good music and get everyone shaking and dancing until it’s time to dig in.

5. Friday: The largest pretzels 

Here is a challenge that’s great for both children and parents. The idea of making giant pretzels is appealing to the little ones, while the adults can enjoy them with their Friday night aperitif. Everyone wins!

Weekend projects

6. Saturday: The fun cake

Today is the day to tackle a cake that is sure to make everyone smile! It’s cooked in a Bundt pan and then decorated with colourful gum balls for a guaranteed “wow” effect.

7. Sunday: The cutest pizzas

To close the record-breaking week, what could be better than the cutest pizzas? This is the ideal recipe for a victorious dinner to celebrate time off well spent, and of course, these delicious mini pies.