March 6 to 10, 2023: What to cook this week

Let’s ease into the week with a simple sheet-pan dinner of fish and beans. And end it on a high note with a comforting and flavourful Sichuan chicken recipe in sauce. In between, enjoy quick and easy dishes to please the whole family.

Monday: Sheet-Pan Sole Almondine

Sheet-pan meals come to the rescue on weeknights, when you want to do more with less and still satisfy your family. In this recipe, beans are roasted in the oven with the fish, which frees up the stovetop to prepare the delicious brown butter sauce to drizzle on your fish fillets. The final touch? Slivered almonds: a classic sole dish!

Tuesday: Tagliatelle with Walnut Cream Sauce

This classic Italian dish is simple to make and fits right in on your weekday menu. Pasta is served coated in a pesto-like creamy sauce with crushed walnuts, Parmesan and artichoke hearts. With its silky texture and delicious flavour, this recipe will unmistakably delight everyone at your table.

Wednesday: Beef Sandwiches with Mushrooms and Pickled Cabbage

Sandwiches are a lunchtime staple. But they’re so easy to put together, we love having them for dinner as well, especially on busy weeknights. This version mixes pan-fried meat and mushrooms with a garnish of quick-pickled cabbage. Take your time to enjoy it, there’s no hurry!

Thursday: Mesclun Salad with Apple and Honey-Curry Tempeh

Like tofu, tempeh is a key ingredient in vegetarian cooking. Made from fermented soybeans, it is an ideal meat substitute. Serve it pan-fried for a perfectly crispy texture and enhanced with spicy honey, over a mesclun salad garnished with raisins and pumpkin seeds.

Friday: Kung Pao Chicken

Comforting dishes, like chicken in sauce, are always a hit this time of year. A Sichuan recipe, kung pao combines chicken thighs and a good variety of vegetables sautéed with chili peppers, garlic and ginger. Serve it coated in a sweet and sour sauce with a sprinkle of crunchy peanuts. The perfect lead-in to the weekend!

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