June 1–5, 2020: What to Eat Outside This Week

Dining al fresco is one of life’s simplest pleasures. This week, we have a variety of recipe suggestions to enjoy on your balcony or back porch. You can even host an at-home or socially-distant picnic to make the most of your time spent outside. Grab the folding chairs, cushions and plastic placemats: we’re moving the dining room outdoors!

Monday: Asparagus and Poached Egg Salad With Burrata

Seasonal, locally grown vegetables are starting to pop up in stores, so let’s start with asparagus! Here they are in a salad in a symphony of green, served with eggs and a creamy cheese. Simply sublime!

Tuesday: Salmon Tartare (The Best)

Summer is all about fresh eats and raw food, and this salmon tartare can’t be beat. Equip yourself with a sharp knife to easily dice the salmon, a pro tip for mastering this bistro classic.

Wednesday: Chickpea and Roasted Vegetable Burgers

We can’t get enough of burgers! And if you’re looking to reduce your meat consumption, here’s the perfect recipe. It’s colourful, delicious and filling. Even though it’s vegetarian, carnivores will love it, too!

Thursday: Sloppy Banh Mi

This cross between a Vietnamese banh mi and a sloppy joe has a lot going for it. It tastes like the best that street food has to offer, but made right at home. It’s gourmet-looking, delicious and it’s quick to prepare...and eaten just as fast!

Friday: Surf and Turf

Cap off the week with a surf and turf dish where the king of crustaceans, the lobster, holds court. This seasonal meal requires minimal work for huge and tasty results!