Discover RICARDO Sheet Cakes in Grocery Stores!

In addition to our delicious special occasion cakes found in IGA grocery stores, they now also come in a very practical format: a tray. Three of our most popular flavours are on offer – chocolate cake, red velvet and carrot – for three perfect desserts to end the evening in style!

Chocolate Cake

Our passion for chocolate is limitless! And with this ultra-soft cake, we aim to satisfy all your chocolate cravings: It’s topped with milk chocolate whipped cream and a cocoa crumble with fleur de sel.

barquette choco

Red Velvet Cake

The traditional multilayer dessert is now available in one layer. It’s perfect for transporting from the the living room! Great for sharing (or not!), it’ll make you want to eat it straight from the pan. As Ricardo puts it: “I have the urge to dig my spoon in and eat it straight out of the pan!” Made with a vanilla and coffee base, as well as a cream cheese chantilly, this dessert is a veritable joy to eat.

barquette red velvet

Carrot Cake

Inspired by Brigitte’s mom’s recipe, this cake is absolutely delicious. Its rich classic taste and touch of spiciness will seduce your taste buds. The generous amount of cream cheese icing and the moist pineapple-based genoise make for the perfect comfort dessert. Warning: It may just tempt you to grab another slice!

barquette carotte

These three desserts have 6-8 servings each. Their format allows for easy transport, and the aluminum pan can easily be recycled or reused. Enjoy! $15.99, exclusively at IGA stores across Quebec, in the frozen section of the bakery. 

Bake Them at Home

If you have some free time and feel like baking instead, check out the recipes for these cakes below.