How to use My RICARDO+

Have you tried My RICARDO+? This subscription-based tool is designed to simplify your cooking life according to your tastes and lifestyle. It offers even more possibilities and features than the My RICARDO area. Here’s how to use it to its full potential.

Get personalized recipe suggestions

After answering a few questions when creating your account, get recipe suggestions based on your profile and preferences (intolerances, special diet, likes/dislikes, etc.), thanks to an intelligent recommendation engine.

  • View your personalized recommendations at any time without having to answer questions again by clicking the “Get Suggestions” button on the My Menu tab.
  • Select the recipes you like with a single click and add them to My Menu (calendar icon) or My Recipes (heart icon) to save them for reference later.

See how to do it in this video:

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Refine your search in order to get recommendations for your evening meal or when entertaining guests. Go through the “Suggestions” tab, located under your profile, which will allow you to choose your criteria.

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Change your preferences

At any time, you can adjust your criteria in your profile to receive suggestions that correspond specifically to what you’re looking for.

  • Don’t like the recipe and no longer want to see it in your personalized suggestions? Just click on the trash can so that it won’t appear again.


  • If you want to edit the information regarding your diet or dietary restrictions, exclude new ingredients, or change any preferences to improve the relevance of your recommendations, go directly to your profile under the food preferences section. Your saved preferences will automatically apply to your next personalized recommendations.


Create cards from your own recipes

Find all your recipes in one place by easily and quickly creating RICARDO recipe sheets from one of your own recipes.

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Save recipes from other websites

For quick access to all your favourite recipes, even those from other websites, add them to My Recipes. Just copy the URL of the recipes.

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After you save a recipe from another website to My Recipes, you can add it to My Menu or add ingredients from the recipe to My Grocery List.

Browse ad-free

As soon as you log in to your profile, no ads are displayed on

My RICARDO+ also includes all the features already offered on My RICARDO:

  • My Recipes to save your favourite recipes in one click and then organize them in personalized folders, if desired.
  • My Menu to efficiently plan your weekday dinners as well as meals for entertaining.
  • My Grocery List to quickly and easily add all the ingredients needed to prepare your meals from RICARDO recipes.

Not a subscriber yet?

Take a free trial of My RICARDO+ for 14 days by registering here now:


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