How to Receive Better Personalized Recommendations with My RICARDO+

Your My RICARDO+ account allows you to get personalized recipe suggestions based on your tastes and dietary restrictions, thanks to our smart recommendation engine. To receive suggestions that are even more relevant, here are some simple tricks to use while browsing our website.

1. Use the Smart Recommendation Engine Often

It learns from your browsing on our website. The more you consult your recipe recommendations or add recipes to your favourites (My recipes) or your menu, the better it will be able to recommend dishes that should appeal to you in future searches. To get a suggestion, click on the orange “Suggestions” button beneath your profile.


2. Use the Trash Can

In your daily suggestions window, you have the option of clicking on the trash can icon. When you delete a recipe, it will never be suggested to you again. The recommendation engine will also learn that you don’t like that dish.


3. Modify Your Dietary Preferences

Click on your profile in the upper right corner of the screen to access your information. Choose “My food preferences” and select the allergies, types of cuisine or cooking techniques that match what you’re looking for. These choices are then applied to the recipes that are suggested to you. You can modify your preferences anytime.


4. Save Recipes to Try

When you add recipes to try later to a file or to your favourites (My recipes), the recommendation engine will understand your preferences better. You can then create a file called “Recipes to try” in your favourites and save personalized recommendations you want to put to the test before any other.


5. Find Side Dishes

You’re planning to cook roast chicken for dinner, but aren’t sure what to serve as a side dish? You can choose the type of desired dish by answering a few questions before getting a suggestion. Choose between main courses, side dishes, appetizers and desserts.


Not subscribed to My RICARDO+ yet? Here’s how this tool can help you in the kitchen every day:

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