Find Out Everything You Need to Know About the New RICARDO App

You’ve been waiting for it for a long time and here it is at last: the RICARDO app! You can download it for free on your mobile device now, exclusively from our website. Access your menu, your grocery list and your favourite recipes in just one click. Check out everything that the RICARDO app can do for you.

How to Download the New Application?

From your Android smartphone or tablet:

  • Open your Chrome browser.
  • Enter “” in the navigation bar.
  • Open the Chrome menu, in the top right corner of your screen. Generally, it’s the menu with three small vertical dots.
  • Select “Install Application” to start the installation of your Web application.
  • Select “Install.” This confirms the installation of your Web application.
  • A confirmation window indicates that the application is now installed and available from your home screen.

From your Apple smartphone or tablet:

  • Enter “” in the navigation bar of your Safari browser.
  • Click on the sharing icon (the square icon with an arrow pointing upwards).
  • Select “Add to the home screen” to start the installation of your Web application.
  • Select “Add” to confirm the installation of your Web application.
  • The application icon has now been added to your home screen.

Your Weekly Menu in the Spotlight

Your dashboard displays your weekly menu at the top of your screen, so that you can easily add a recipe or see at a glance the recipes you want to cook over the next few days.

Quick Access to Your Grocery List

There’s no need to bring your handwritten shopping list to the store anymore or do interminable searches on your phone in the supermarket aisles. Your grocery list is now always accessible from your app in just one click.

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Simplified Browsing to Inspire You in the Kitchen

The app offers a configuration that allows you to access your favourite tools quickly, as well as inspiring content. You’ll find all of our articles, special features and recipes directly from the app. The magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen lets you search easily.

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Uninterrupted Cooking Mode

The RICARDO app never goes to sleep when you’re consulting a recipe. So you can cook an entire recipe without having to touch your screen. Ever. Food scraps all over your phone? That’s so yesterday’s news!

Personalized Recipe Suggestions in Just One Click

Are you subscribed to My RICARDO+? This customized tool sends you personalized recipe suggestions based on your preferences and profile. These suggestions can be found on your dashboard. Dinner ideas on the go? Yes, please! So convenient.

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For more information on how to install the app, read this article:

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