6 Tips to Organize Your Favourite Recipes in Your My RICARDO Account

Do you often add recipes to your favourites in your My RICARDO account? Here’s how to maximize the organization in “My recipes,” with a few tricks that will make planning your meals much easier.

1. Create Personalized Themes

You can create folders to save your favourite recipes per type of meal or protein. You can also organize them per theme linked to events, seasons or precise moments that’ll allow you to get back to them punctually and never forget recipes that you’ve loved. Here are some examples:

  • Recipes for entertaining
  • Nut-free snacks for school
  • Kids’ birthdays
  • Weekend brunches
  • Girls’ night


2. Keep a Recipe in More Than One Folder

Do you want to keep a chicken breast recipe in your weekly menu and your sandwich folder? No problem. Just click on more than one folder when you add a recipe to “My recipes.”

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3. Add Recipes to Your Weekly Rotations

Create a “Weekly recipes” folder that you can refer to regularly so you can add them to your menus. Your favourite quick and simple recipes will be easier to find.


Suggestions Based on Your Favourite Recipes

When you add favourite recipes to your folders in “My recipes,” our personalized suggestion tool learns about you and your tastes. A tip? Create a folder called “Recipes to try” and use it to keep all the recipes you’re interested in. Our recommendation engine will remind you to add them to your menu and suggest similar ones.


4. Use the Search Bar and Filters in “My recipes”

Vous pouvez faire des recherches spécifiquement danYou can search your favourite recipes specifically (displayed under the name “My recipes”) by writing an ingredient or recipe title in the section’s search bar. You can also use filters that’ll refine your search (type of meal, total time, type of diet, type of cuisine).

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5. Add the Recipes from an Article to Your Favourites

Our articles are filled with inspiration and recipes to try. As you’re reading an article, you can add a recipe to your favourites without needing to open it. Simply click on the heart icon on top of the recipe card.


6. Create New Folders Within a Recipe

When consulting a recipe, you can create a folder without having to go to the “My recipes” section. Click on the heart icon, then on “Save to folder” and “Create new folder.”

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