10 Simple Desserts to Avoid Doing Dishes

Making desserts may sometimes seem tedious. Between ingredients to mix, whisk, sift and sprinkle, you can find yourself buried under a pile of dishes in no time. To make it easier, here are ultra-simplified recipes so that all the steps are performed in a single bowl, dish or blender, with a minimum of tools.

1. Giant All-Dressed Cookie

We mix all the ingredients—both dry and wet—to make this cookie in a single bowl, then place the dough on a cookie sheet and let the kids decorate it however they want: chocolate chips, dried fruit, nuts, chocolate candies . . . or everything at the same time!

2. No-Dirty-Dishes Chocolate Cake

In this recipe, we take the promise of “zero dishes” very seriously. Everything is mixed in the baking dish—what could be easier? And it’s perfect for any sudden cravings for chocolate cake!

3. Egg -and Gluten-Free Coconut Macaroons

Four ingredients and a bowl; that’s all you need to make these coconut macaroons before placing them on a baking sheet. We bake the macaroons on two superimposed sheets to avoid having the bottoms get too dark (but don’t worry, it doesn’t make for more dishes!).

4. No-Bake Berry Refrigerator Cake

Super-simple to throw together, this fridge cake does not require any cooking at all. Simply mix 35% cream and sugar, and then pour this preparation into a glass bread pan with yogurt, frozen fruit and cat’s tongue cookies. All that’s left to do is dive in with a spoon.

5. Raspberry Pudding Cake for 1

Home alone tonight? There’s no question of depriving yourself of dessert. This raspberry pudding cake can be cooked in a cup, as all the ingredients have been adjusted for a single serving. Plus, the cake is baked in the microwave, so it’s ready in just a few minutes.

6. Super Easy Vanilla Cake

King of the classics, vanilla cake reigns supreme at birthday parties and celebrations of all kinds. And we love it even more when it’s as simple to make as this version.

7. Chocolate Mayonnaise Cupcakes

Mayonnaise and cake? Oh, yes! Mayonnaise is used in these cupcakes as the fat—it makes their texture ultra-fluffy. And although the icing is prepared in a second bowl, how can you resist?

8. Quick and Easy Mango Sorbet

Frozen mangoes, sugar, lemon juice and yogurt take a spin in the food processor and then into the freezer. After two hours of waiting, serve this fresh, fruity sorbet in a cone or bowl.

9. Maple and Oat Lace Cookies

Whether you eat them like cookies or use them as a sweet decoration on a cake, these maple oat dentelles could not be easier to prepare, especially since everything is mixed in a single saucepan before being placed on a baking sheet.

10. Cream Fudge

Fudge is sweet nostalgia with every bite. As this version is prepared in a single saucepan, it’s easy to carry on the tradition.

When it takes more time to eat the dessert than to do the dishes from making it, you can’t ask for anything better! Looking for more ideas for simple desserts? Check out desserts ready in 30 minutes or less.