A 100% Vegan Sugar Shack Menu

The sap has started to flow and the spring thaw is here. It’s sugaring-off season! But what if it weren’t all pork rinds and ham this year? We’ve reconnected with the customs of yore, but have adapted them to the tastes of the day by creating a hearty meatless menu. It’s not a change to tradition, merely a modernization.

Vegan Creton Pâté

This is a nice vegetarian variant of the traditional cretons. While some vegetarian recipes tend to be made with oats or lentils, we find mushrooms to be an excellent substitute. In coconut oil, brown half the tofu to bring out that spongy texture of the cretons, and then mix in the rest of the tofu raw. With an addition of spices, you’ll achieve the same flavours as the classic.

Scrambled Tofu

Leave out the eggs in this crumbled tofu dish. Opt for a semi-firm version with a smooth texture to achieve that runny and creamy effect. Do so by wetting the tofu with a soy preparation, which takes the place of cream. Aromatic elements such as vegetable broth paste and nutritional yeast are added to provide a hit of umami. Tastes just like the traditional version!

Vegan Maple Baked Beans

There isn’t a sugar shack without baked beans! This Quebec classic from yesteryear is revisited in this version without bacon. We’ve omitted it from this recipe without any substitutions. We opted for a good dose of maple syrup instead, which we put in at the start of cooking. It tastes just like the good ol’ days!

Our vegetarian sugar shack menu doesn’t end there. Here are a few more recipe ideas to fill up your table.