8 Most Popular Proteins (with Recipes) on Our Site

Among the list of ingredients that are the most searched on our site, there are a few that always remain at the top. Of these, proteins are usually the ones that rank the highest. We were inspired by your searches to develop new winning recipes that we hope you will love!

1. Beef 

In the top spot, ground beef is what pops up the most in your searches. It’s not all that surprising, given how easily it transforms into a meal fit for any occasion. Like this recipe, where udon noodles and cucumbers pair wonderfully with this champion of budget-friendly meals.

2. Chicken

Often among our hit recipes, chicken maintains its reputation in second place. We love it because it can suit any and all palates. This recipe has a shortcut that includes store-bought gnocchi, which is then reheated in a cream sauce.

3. Leftover chicken

And in third place, leftover cooked chicken remains an excellent option when you’re in a pinch come dinnertime. Two cups of it are all you need to make these rolled tortillas filled with cheese and green onions. It’s a dish that’ll be a hit with the entire family.

4. Salmon

Salmon is the most searched fish on our site. It is versatile and can be enjoyed in many ways. In this recipe, it is cooked in the microwave to save time and ensure it gets that perfect confit texture. It is best served warm and is perfect for lunch the next day.

5. Cod

Salmon is followed closely by another fish: cod. It is popular due to its lean flesh and flaky texture. Keeping things fresh, we coated it with a mixture of parsley and panko which, once cooked, looked beautifully golden. Yes, a gratin without cheese; it’s certainly possible!!

6. Legumes

In the sixth position, legumes have plenty going for them! Not only are they nutritious, they can be included in fabulous dishes like this one. We love this hearty soup-inspired meal made with onions and crispy lentils.

7. Tofu

Long shunned by many, tofu is quickly climbing up the ladder of popularity. We paired semi-firm tofu with one of our favourite meals: lasagna! This substitute adds texture and will practically go unnoticed as it adapts to the flavours of the other ingredients. You will very quickly forget about the traditional Bolognese version.

8. Pork tenderloin 

This list proves one thing: that in spite of current trends, great classics like pork tenderloin can’t easily be dethroned! We were inspired to come up with a new glaze for the meat, and to then serve it with parsnips and sweet potatoes. This dish will surely become a new favourite.