5 Summertime Grilled Dishes and Salad Combos

Barbecued dishes and a fresh side go so well together, like your terrace and your friends. To enjoy the sunshine, we suggest a combination of proteins to put on the grill and perfectly matched seasonal salads. Plus, by cleverly using the same ingredients for both marinades and dressings, we’ve made your life much easier for weeknight dinners or an impromptu dinner party. It’s all about savouring the best of summer.

1. Glazed Duck with Green Bean and Marinated Vegetable Salad

You must be fairly vigilant when grilling duck on the barbecue. As the fat can easily burn, make sure that it’s not over direct flame and cook it over indirect heat instead. Choose duck breasts, much less fatty than magret. Often used with imperial rolls, the Vietnamese dip highlighted with Chinese five-spice gives a sweet and salty taste to the duck’s glaze and the vegetables’ marinade.

2. Grilled Chicken with Tomato, Grilled Pepper and Olive Salad

In this spicy recipe, the flavour of curry powder and aroma of sumac create a wonderful contrast, while the chicken stands out over a bed of bright red cherry tomatoes and colourful peppers. The salad’s vinaigrette is used as a sauce for the chicken. The finishing touch is provided by the salad’s garnish of crunchy almonds and salty olives that give pep to the whole dish.

3. Grilled Shrimp with Mango Salad

Mango is truly the star of this combo. It’s featured three ways in this dish: as a purée and chutney in the dressing, freshly cubed in the salad, and again as a chutney to baste the shrimp on the grill. A tip for perfect shrimp? Leave the shell on. It prevents the flesh from drying up, steaming it instead of cooking it directly over the flame.

4. Grilled Pork Chops with Ramen Noodle and Grilled Asparagus Salad

Make our dragon sauce with nutritional yeast and apply it to the pork. It completely changes the meat, with surprising results. Serve the grilled chops over a bed of ramen noodles and asparagus coated with the rest of the sauce. Mix together diced apple and herbs for a fresh and crunchy garnish.

5. Buffalo Tofu Steaks with Grilled Carrot Salad

Full of personality, this strong ranch sauce is made with sour cream, mayonnaise, onion powder and fresh herbs. It’s the combination of dill, chives and parsley that gives the sauce its flavour. Cut thick slices of tofu and cook them in a cast iron pan on the barbecue. The carrots served on the side are cooked directly on the grill. Serve on top of the sauce and sprinkle with crumbled blue cheese.

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