8 Ingredients to Keep in Your Pantry During the Summer

For these warmer days, we try not to complicate things by crafting a space in our pantry to dip into when preparing simple, unpretentious dishes to enjoy on the patio or in the park. Here are eight essential ingredients to have in your pantry to help you make the most of summer!

1. Anchovies in oil

Use these tiny fish in moderation, as they are very salty. Wrapped around an olive, it makes for a great bite. Anchovies also have a place with potatoes. And let’s not forget about this pasta salad with garlic, lemon and anchovies!


2. Roasted red bell peppers

You’ll find this popular garden vegetable trapped in a jar. This antipasti is king when it comes to garnishing sandwiches, enhancing couscous or making a spread.

roasted bell peppers

3. Olive oil

It’s the must-have golden liquid for summer. Add a drizzle as a finishing touch to a salad brimming with fresh veggies from the garden or on a pasta dish.

olive oil

4. Capers

These tangy little wonders give salad dressings and mayonnaise a kick. And what can we say about their big brother, the caper berry? Surprisingly delicious.


5. Harissa

Just what your summer needs: The hot pepper brings the right amount of heat to any power bowl or hummus. And it’ll be a surefire hit in this vegetable tagine.


6. Kalamata olives

This Mediterranean fruit, which takes its name from the city of Kalamata in Greece, charms just as much in the form of a tapenade as it does in a pesto or when eaten whole.

Kalamata olives

7. Wine vinegar

It is simply magical in summer salads. Be sure to use it in moderation, however, as it can overpower a salad dressing. You can even use it in sauces to enhance the flavour of meat and fish.

wine vinegar

8. Marinated artichokes

These meaty hearts are just sublime with bruschetta and dips. We also enjoy them in a panini or on a pizza.

marinated artichokes