10 Food Trends for 2022

Make way for 2022! What does this year have in store for us? The RICARDO team took it upon themselves to think about what the next 12 months could look like. Pro culinary projects, renewed traditions and plenty of room for celebration; here are 10 culinary trends that will surely mark 2022.

1. First homemade bread, now homemade pasta

The breadmaking craze has been real for two years. But now that everyone has (or almost) mastered the art of gluten, it’s currently time to make delicious, fresh pasta at home.

2. Variety of alcohol-free products

Along with the meteoric rise in the availability of local alcoholic products, non-alcoholic beverages will also follow this trend. From beer to spirits, we are welcoming this alcohol-free trend with open arms.

3. Sticker shock at the grocery store

Sadly, this is practically an annual occurrence. The increase in our grocery bills will affect us again this year. This is why we all need to become masters at budgeting and meal planning, and making the most of what’s in our fridge and pantry.

4. The democratization and diversification of alcoholic beverages

Distilleries and vineyards have been springing up all over the country in recent years. This year, we will witness the diversification of their offerings: whisky, pomace wine, absinthe, etc. Quality products of all kinds will surely satisfy Canadians eager to discover and celebrate their local scene.

5. Urban agriculture

Whether large- or small-scale, yard, balcony and rooftop gardening will continue to rise in 2022. Urban farming has been very successful over the past year. Due to the pandemic, many people have tried experimenting with growing herbs, fruits and vegetables. This trend will likely continue, with a large array of initiatives, to be certain.

6. Vacuum-sealed foods in grocery stores

Ready-to-cook products will be refined in 2022! By the foods available in stores, of course, but also by their quality. Think marinated, vacuum-sealed meats. It’s a packaging technique that is effective in preserving the taste of food and extending its shelf life.

7. Plant-based fish

You’ve likely heard of Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat products, which are readily available in many restaurants. However, plant-based seafood initiatives are starting to pop up as well, making vegetarian eats more and more accessible.

8. Shop local, make a difference

The past two years will have made us aware of the importance of buying locally. In 2022, our purchasing power will really go a long way towards an industry that needs it. It has never been more important than now to eat and buy local.

9. High-flying cakes

Yes, pies, cookies and other sweets are all here to stay. We can’t say goodbye to the classics, after all! However, 2022 will mark the popularization of elaborate pastry projects. Stunning 3D and artistic cakes and other baking projects are sure to populate our social media feeds!

10. Together once more

In our 2021 food trend guide, we ended the article with a promise to have fun in the coming year. And in 2022, we have reasons to celebrate. We choose to believe that gatherings will continue unabated, according to government measures and protocols, and that we will all be able to enjoy festive and delicious moments with loved ones! And to you, we wish you many joyous celebrations with friends and family!