July 13-17, 2020: Italian-Inspired Recipes to Cook This Week

If there was ever a cuisine that was made for summer, it’s Italian food. This week, we’re suggesting five buone and presto recipes inspired by the flavours of Italy.

Monday: Scappata Pizza with Roasted Tomatoes

Scappata means “escape”... which is what happened to the crust on this pizza! This dish is best enjoyed on evenings when you just don’t feel like spending too much time over a hot stove. And with the help of a cast-iron skillet, you’re certain to cook it just right!

Tuesday: Sun-Dried Tomato and Lemon Baked Fish

Just like Ricardo, Italians sure do enjoy lemon! With this recipe, you’ll be satiated by the boundless flavour and freshness of citrus. The Mediterranean-inspired dish tastes like the sea and will transport you somewhere between Naples and Palermo.

Wednesday: One-Pot Gnocchi with Sausage, Fennel and Tomato Sauce

Ah, gnocchi, those irresistible potato dumplings enjoyed the world over. No wonder there’s a gnocchi to suit every palate! This version with spicy sausage and braised fennel is a quick and easy way to get a generous taste of Italy.

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Thursday: Prosciutto-Wrapped Parmesan Chicken

Chicken thighs are stuffed, rolled, wrapped in prosciutto and then roasted. Only three ingredients are needed to give the chicken its flavour, one of which is  Parmesan, the classic Italian cheese that adds fruitiness and finesse to your plate.

Friday: Fresh Tomato, Shrimp and Pancetta Orecchietti

We’re keeping things simple with  this recipe starring ear-shaped pasta.. Ricotta adds a nice unctuousness, while ripe tomatoes add sweetness and brightness to this dish from Italy’s Puglia region. Tip: always save some pasta water to tie the whole dish together.