January 18-22, 2021: 5 Ways to Cook Winter Vegetables This Week

Even though we’re in the middle of winter, there are so many veggies that are at their peak right now: Kale, rapini, Swiss chard and more; there’s a wide variety to add to your grocery list for the week! Check out these five recipes worthy of joining your Monday-to-Friday rotation this season.

Monday: Smoked Prosciutto, Rapini and Orange Zest Rigatoni

If spaghetti and tomato sauce (a classic, to be sure!) is your usual go-to on pasta night, how about giving your weekly meal a twist tonight? With winter rapini, smoky prosciutto and bright orange zest, this recipe is a combination of textures and flavours that’ll become an instant classic in your home.

Tuesday: Crispy Kale and Avocado Toasts

It’s been a few years so far, and the avocado toast craze hasn’t gone away! After all, there are now many ways to interpret this popular open-faced sandwich. Try topping it with crunchy kale, as well as grape slices for a sweet finish. It’s a quick and easy desk lunch for those particularly busy work-from-home days.

Wednesday: Veal Meatballs with Swiss Chard

Colourful Swiss chard is truly one of the more beautiful winter veggies found in the produce aisle! Served with meatballs and a side of polenta, this recipe uses the entire vegetable (stem and leaves), ensuring a zero-waste dish.

Thursday: Kitchen Sink Green Vegetable Soup

As the week almost comes to a close, this soup is a great way to use up any remaining vegetables from earlier in the week, as well as whatever you have sitting in the freezer. Peas, spinach, broccoli, kale and more; they can all jump into the pot! Bonus: This recipe freezes well, so be sure to double-up and save the rest for another night.

Friday: Potato Gnocchi 

Despite the starch, yes, potatoes are a vegetable! And their abundance in winter means they’re ideal for many comfort dishes, like our potato gnocchi. Plump and pillowy, they taste absolutely divine, especially with a homemade tomato sauce. (Or store-bought to save time.) They’ll take a bit more time to cook, so make it a fun post-work family project and enjoy a late dinner in front of the TV!