May 17-21, 2021: Cooking with Boreal and Wild Ingredients

Without a doubt, this past year has helped many of us to rediscover the Quebec territory, whether by travelling within the province or simply enjoying local products. Going back to basics has certainly done us good. This week, we’re embracing this nordicity theme with a menu starring ingredients from our wild, boreal pantry. Ready? Let’s go!

Monday: Smoked Salmon and Fiddlehead Salad

Fresh fiddleheads are only in season for a few weeks in the spring. So if you don’t want to wait another whole year to cook with them, it’s now or never! For everything you need to know about fiddleheads, click here

Tuesday: Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup

This deliciously creamy soup is the perfect occasion to use the various wild mushrooms that are found in our forests: chanterelles, morels, fairy rings, horns of plenty and many more!

Wednesday: Poached Cod with Vegetables and Sorrel

Ah, sorrel! This fish and vegetable dish is your perfect introduction to the vivacious plant. Given that these tangy leaves are too fragile to cook with, we use them here as a garnish.

Thursday: Dandelion Salad

Found in both suburban grass and the woods, we aren’t exaggerating when we say that dandelions grow everywhere! They’re completely edible, from root to petals, but we simply use their leaves here in this nourishing salad. Hello, springtime cuisine!

Friday: Shrimp Croque Monsieur on an English Muffin

Nordic shrimp are little pink crustaceans that live in cold waters, such as the estuaries in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Even though they are easily munchable straight out of the bag, be sure to keep a few for this Friday night recipe!

Seasonal Drink: Pineapple-Elderflower Fizz Mocktail

From shrub to grass, we’re ending the week with this fragrant pineapple mocktail that features elderflower syrup. Festive aromas and colours are in the cards!