November 8 to 12, 2021: 5 Recipes Starring Year-Round Local Products

Eating locally-sourced and produced products is something we prefer to always do when we can. And it’s not only possible when certain ingredients are in season. With the likes of pork, carrots, apples, beets and potatoes, you can enjoy fresh, local ingredients any time of year! This week, try the following recipes that star these homegrown delights.

Monday: Curried Pork Chops with Roasted Squash

Support local pork producers by cooking with this popular protein year-round. Seasonal squash makes for a great side for a bone-in chop that is smothered with a curry sauce.

Tuesday: Ginger-Glazed Salmon with Bok Choy and Carrots

Who doesn’t always have a bag of carrots in the refrigerator? They are such a versatile ingredient and are available all year long, so there are always fun and unique ways to use them. Case in point: this gorgeous salmon dish!

Wednesday: Sautéed Chicken Livers with Apples and Sherry

Chicken livers may not be a food that tends to garner raves from your loved ones, but that’s because you probably weren’t cooking them right! Grab a couple of apples from the fruit bowl, sautée them, and your dish will simply shine.

Thursday: Broccoli, Shrimp and Beet Salad

Oftentimes, a meal-sized salad is what we’re craving for lunch or dinner. In this recipe, we particularly love the addition of beets. Soft and buttery, they are the perfect texture contrast to the chewy shrimp, crisp-tender broccoli and crunchy cucumber.

Friday: Potato and Onion Soup Gratin

A bag of potatoes sure comes in handy any time of the year. During the colder months, we love using them in this cozy potato and onion soup. Deliciously creamy and cheesy, it’ll be your comfort food go-to all through fall and winter!