March 7 to 11, 2022: What to Cook This Week

Another week is upon us, and we know you’re on the lookout for a few quick and easy (and tasty!) dinner ideas. This week’s selection of recipes runs the gamut of textures and flavours, and we’re certain they will become fast favourites for the entire family.

Monday: Quick Poule au Pot

Poule au pot is a classic French dish that definitely brings on the comfort. Warm and hearty, it usually takes a while to simmer, but that’s no fun on a weeknight! So we’ve developed this quick version that only requires 30 minutes of cooking time.

Tuesday: Linguini with Tuna and Olives

Raid your pantry and see what you’ve got. Pasta? Canned tuna? Jars of olives? Individually, they may not sound inspired. But put them together, and you’ve got a tasty dinner recipe that you’ll definitely add to your regular rotation.

Wednesday: Barley, Cabbage and Ham Salad

We’re all about salads, any time of year. We love this recipe that is filled with all the good stuff (barley for fibre, cabbage for vitamin C), but still feels like a treat thanks to sweet grapes and salty ham.

Thursday: Baked Sole Rolls with Parmesan Cheese

Want the kids to eat more fish? Coating it with a cheesy béchamel sauce will certainly do the trick! In this recipe, sole is wrapped in sheets of noodles for a unique spin on lasagna rolls.

Friday: Indian-Spiced Chili

It’s still winter, so chili remains a top dinner choice when it’s cold outside. But instead of the usual fare, we love giving our recipes a tasty twist. Like this one, which takes the classic chili but infuses it with Indian-inspired flavours like curry powder and coconut milk.