April 4 to 8, 2022: What to Cook This Week

It’s a new month, and you continue to be on the lookout for dinner ideas that are quick, delicious and can bring a dose of excitement to the dinner table. We’ve got you covered. The following five dishes are sure to become staples of your recipe repertoire.

Monday: Chicken and Tarragon Farfalle

A quick recipe that’s ready in under 30 minutes and that the kids will just love? It’s possible! This pasta dish requires just a few staple ingredients along with leftover cooked chicken you already have in the fridge, and dinner is served.

Tuesday: Pork Burgers with Mango

You can feel it: Burger season is just around the corner! But that doesn’t mean you can’t partake of a juicy patty sandwiched between pillowy buns. This pork version features crisp veggies and thin slices of fresh mango that will have you dreaming of summer.

Wednesday: Bell Pepper and Cauliflower Salad with Tofu and Cheese Curds

A warm, hearty salad baked directly in a sheet pan? Sure, it may take slightly more time when compared to just tossing a cold salad together in a bowl. But when you take a bite of the flavourful tofu, crisp kale, squeaky cheese curds and crunchy pumpkin seeds, the extra time spent will have been very much worth it.

Thursday: Cold Salmon with Tabbouleh and Peas

We’re all about eating more fish, and it’s hard not to when recipes like this one exist. Tasty salmon along with colourful veggies, and the fact that it’s super easy to put together, make it a dish you’ll want to serve again and again.

Friday: Beef Burritos

Friday night calls for something simple that’ll be a surefire crowd-pleaser. How about beef burritos? Cold and warm, crisp and tender, it’s that perfect combination of textures and flavours to garner raves from the family.