Tips and Recipes on Eating More Fish

Enjoying fish is not a given for everyone! But there are different ways to increase one’s appreciation of this food, often particularly disliked by children. The first steps are to keep on cooking it, to cook different kinds of fish, and to regularly switch up your recipes and cooking methods.

1. Opt for lean fish

The flavour of fish varies by species. For example, some are sweet in taste. Cod, halibut, haddock and tilapia are a few that could go down easily for the unconverted. They also all have a less fatty flesh compared to other fish like trout, salmon, mackerel and Arctic char. The flavours of these so-called “oily” fish are way more pronounced.

2. Begin with a sure bet

Want a recipe that'll be a hit with the kids? Try these haddock cakes! The fish is combined with other ingredients, so the pieces are so tiny, they are practically camouflaged. Fish and chips is another good way to better enjoy and appreciate fish.

3. Focus on flavour

To give fish more flavour and mask its taste, garnishes, sauces and condiments are here to help. Herbs, ginger, tomatoes, a marinade, pesto or tapenade are all great ways to titillate your taste buds.

4. Transform the classics

Pizza, tacos, burgers, omelettes, lasagna, shepherd’s pie, vol-au-vents: The list of dishes we usually tend to enjoy is very long. So revisiting these recipes but with fish instead is another way to get accustomed to its taste without veering too far.

5. Switch up the cooking methods

Much like taste, the texture of fish varies from species to species. It is sometimes flaky, sometimes soft and sometimes firm. The idea therefore is to taste different types of fish to see which you like best. Changing the cooking method also affects both texture and taste; we suggest in the oven, in foil packets on the grill, or even in a skillet on the stovetop.

6. Try a few new recipes

Because it is in everyone’s interest to cook and eat fish regularly, don’t hesitate to choose a few recipes that have the potential to make you enjoy it even more. Choose the path of discovery to get your taste buds accustomed. Here are a few dishes that are a hit with various members of the RICARDO staff.