November 21 to 25, 2022: What to Cook This Week

On the menu this week? From cozy soups to hearty pasta dishes, this selection of five delicious recipes will ensure dinnertime will be something the whole family will be looking forward to.

Monday: Barley and Bean Soup

As the days get colder, a large bowl of warm and satisfying soup is in order. Vegetarian and packed with protein, this dish is loaded with lentils, barley, chickpeas and kidney beans. It’s extremely nourishing and, as a bonus, you also get a good dose of greens thanks to herbs and spinach.

Tuesday: Kale and Honey-Paprika Warm Chicken Salad

Even when it’s cold outside, a salad can still hit the spot. Especially with this recipe, where crunchy kale and cucumbers contrast wonderfully with warm chicken coated in a sweet sticky glaze. It’ll be your new favourite meal salad, we assure you!

Wednesday: Buffalo Pork Tenderloin

If you’re the type who enjoys the occasional Buffalo chicken wing, then you’ll love this weeknight dish inspired by the classic finger food. Instead of chicken, we used pork tenderloin that’s coated in an addictive spicy and tangy sauce. And yes, we did not forget the blue cheese sauce!

Thursday: Stewed Eggplant and Minced Meat

When you’re on the lookout for recipes to use up that ground beef that’s sitting in the freezer, look no further than this dish. Stewed along with plum tomatoes, onions, eggplant and peppers, this cozy and flavourful meal is perfect for a late-fall evening.

Friday: Penne with Mushrooms and Pancetta (Penne Alla Gigi)

On the table in just 30 minutes, this pasta dish is not only quick to make but absolutely tasty. After all, the combination of crisp pancetta, meaty mushrooms and a velvety pink sauce will just make your mouth water. Be sure to add this recipe to your regular rotation!