November 6 to 10, 2023: What to Cook This Week

In November, the “grey” month, make it your goal to put colour on the table. On the menu: a vegetarian dish that’s sure to impress and recipes that’ll make kids happy, including fish croquette sandwiches and a super-comforting mac and cheese.

Monday: Pan-Roasted Carrots with Couscous, Lentils and Feta

Keep part of the carrots’ green tops to highlight them in this recipe designed to waste nothing. Roast the vegetables in a skillet until they’re soft before placing them on a bed of couscous with a delicious lentil stew. Feta and arugula bring the final touch to this budget vegetarian recipe.

Tuesday: Egg Roll in a Bowl (Cabbage Noodles with Ginger Pork)

Save time with this deconstructed egg roll recipe that skips the preparation and frying steps. You’ll find the same great taste in every bowl, starting with thinly sliced cabbage cooked in the oven with sesame oil. A ginger pork mixture tops crispy noodles, bringing this dish together in just 30 minutes.

Wednesday: Fish Croquette Pita Sandwiches

Fish doesn’t always get unanimous approval at mealtime, especially with children. With this recipe that mixes it with panko breadcrumbs, there’s a good chance that they’ll finish their plate. Serve the croquettes as sandwiches, in pita bread lathered with a creamy yogurt and hummus sauce. This dish is just as great at lunchtime.

Thursday: Kale and Honey-Paprika Warm Chicken Salad

This easy recipe is ideal for weeknight dinners. Garnish shallow bowls or a large serving plate with kale leaves, cucumber and cilantro. Add the chicken pieces glazed with a sweet and sour blend of honey and paprika. Result? A hearty salad meal as you love them!

Friday: Macaroni and Cheese with Chorizo and Corn

Aim for comfort food and make your kids happy with this reinvented macaroni dish. Make it with béchamel sauce and cheddar cheese, both the base of the traditional version, but then add corn kernels and chorizo to the pasta mix. Top the dish with panko breadcrumbs for a crunchy texture with each bite. A 100% satisfying meal!

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