January 20-24, 2020: What to Cook This Week

This week, chase away those winter blues with dishes that will warm you up. We’re cooking braised cabbage with sausages, fish stew, and spaghetti with spicy tomato sauce, all sure to add a little heat to the chilly season.

Monday: Beet and Tofu Deli Sandwich

Dill, pickles, mustard, rye bread... These ingredients might remind you of a smoked meat sandwich, and that’s exactly the intention. Except we replaced the smoked meat with tofu and beet slices for an original take on the classic.

Tuesday: Braised Cabbage with Sausage and Sweet Potato

You only need a single pot to prepare this all-in-one dish. Just brown the sausages, soften the cabbage and add the sweet potatoes, broth and spices. It's the perfect meal for a simple weeknight!

Wednesday: Haddock, Tomato and Green Bean Casserole

Spices are the main player in this dish: Coriander, cumin, curry and harissa paste add an intense flavour to haddock fillets, accompanied by chickpeas, tomatoes and green beans. All the ingredients are bathed in the same broth for a bright, aromatic meal.

Thursday: Spaghetti All’amatriciana (Spaghetti with Spicy Tomato Sauce)

Spice up your week by preparing this spaghetti made with smoked prosciutto and hot pepper flakes. For the sauce, add tomato purée, parsley and, to garnish, a little pecorino cheese. It’s so quick to prepare, you’ll have plenty of time to pour yourself a glass of wine.

Friday: Flatbread Pizza with Spinach and Feta

It’s a Friday night pizza party! And this recipe is so easy to throw together, it’s guaranteed to beat the delivery option. Spread naan breads with sautéed spinach and feta, then drizzle with a little olive oil, pop them in the oven, and you’re done like dinner!