March Break 2020: What to Cook with the Kids

This is it: March Break is finally here! But this doesn’t necessarily mean you get a break from the kitchen. Here is a slew of recipes that will be appreciated by kids and grown-ups alike, and where your little ones can lend a helping hand, too. Enjoy and have fun!

Monday: Ramen Soup with Tofu

Just because the kids are on break doesn’t mean we let Meatless Monday slide! Here’s a warm and cozy recipe, so rich in veggies, the tofu will practically go unnoticed.

Tuesday: Mushroom and Spinach Frittata

Half the fun of March Break is deviating from the usual routine, and nothing mixes things up like breakfast for dinner! Why not let the kids enjoy their favourite egg-and-cheese dish (and yes, it’s got veggies, too!) during family movie night?

Wednesday: Giant Broccoli Meatballs

Kids can’t resist pasta, and this recipe is satisfying for both the eyes and the belly. It’s perfect after an afternoon of tobogganing.

Thursday: Burrito Bowl

It’s a Thursday fiesta! With this dish, you get the great taste of a burrito...minus the messy small hands at the end of the meal. Keep all the toppings on the table so the kids can customize their own bowls.

Friday: Skillet Pizza

Friday pizza night: it’s a staple for a reason! Why is this recipe a little more extra than the rest? We bake it in a skillet, so it’s a perfect circle from the get-go.

Sweet finale

What’s March Break without a taste of something sweet? Here’s a selection of our favourite desserts for you to bake with the kids before they head back to their regular routine. Our helpful step-by-step videos make preparing them a breeze!