March 9–13, 2020: What to Cook this Week

We don’t get a vacation from meal prep—this is especially true in the week following Spring Break. Here, we keep it simple but good, with ratatouille with garlic purée, chili with pork and white beans and scappata pizza with roasted tomatoes.

Monday: Ratatouille with Garlic Purée

Give your evening meal some colour, as well as a hearty serving of vegetables with this classic Provençal dish that can be served with a piece of grilled baguette as a main course, or as a side with fish. A simple and delicious recipe, it will taste even better warmed up the next day.

Tuesday: Poached Cod with Vegetables and Sorrel

Halfway between soup and a stew, this dish is definitely good for the soul. Cod is a fish with a rather sweet flavour, and its natural taste is enhanced here without being submerged in the delicate broth. If you don’t have fresh sorrel, opt for the same amount of spinach and add a few drops of lemon juice.

Wednesday:  Pork and Bean Chili

There are some food pairs that are just made for each other, like the pork and beans in this dish, served like a poutine and accompanied by cheese curds. We take our inspiration from Mexican cuisine to make a comforting chili with a quintessential Quebec sauce. Since everything is cooked in the same pan, it could not be easier.

Thursday: Hearty Chicken and Rice Soup

This bowl satisfies, nourishes and fills you up with good things. In a stainless steel sauté pan, toss in a few vegetables, then add chicken leftovers at the same time as rice and broth—that’s it!. An excellent version of a convenience store go-to, enjoy this homey soup, that’s homemade to boot! Try these  5 winter soups to (re)discover, too.

Friday: Scappata Pizza with Roasted Tomatoes 

Ignore all superstitions this Friday the 13th, with a pizza whose crust “escaped” (the translation of scappata.) Once it is cooked in a hot skillet, place it directly on the centre of the table to share. Everyone is invited to dip pieces of bread into this dish, which makes tomato the star of the show.