Take the Sugar Shack To Go with the New RICARDO Maple Pudding Cake!

Let’s not beat around the bush: our maple pudding cake is simply decadent. A favourite of Ricardo and Brigitte, it’s now been added to our sheet cake family of products available in grocery stores. Served in a tray, it’s the best way to make the most of the sugaring-off season. This dessert is now available at IGA stores across Quebec!

In the world of pouding chômeur, many varieties exist. But wait until you try this maple version, which is indisputably the best. Inspired by our recipe, this Quebec classic consists of a white cake, which is then soused with a maple- and cream-based sauce. It’s the answer to sugar cravings both big and small!

Maple Pudding Cake

Best enjoyed when warm

Given that the cake is frozen, remove the cardboard sleeve and plastic cover, and heat on the middle rack of a 325°F oven for 15 minutes. Once the cake is hot, slice a piece for a taste of yesteryear. Be sure to serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

It is available for $13.99 at IGA stores across Quebec, in the frozen section of the bakery, right near our sheet cakes

If you have the urge to bake instead, we have multiple versions of pudding cake, like one in a mug, a recipe with apples, and even one cooked in the slow cooker. A childhood memory for some, a dose of comfort for others, this homegrown dessert is gooey and delicious. Bring the sugar shack experience home; it’s time for a sweet treat. 

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