Our Top 10 Recipes to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with family, friends or that special person in your life, what’s most important is that your meal is made with love. Small dishes in shades of red and pink, recipes for two and, of course, a good dose of chocolate are on the menu for this heartfelt holiday.


1. Classic Salmon Tartare

Last February 14th, this recipe was one of our most popular at Will it still make your heart flutter this year? It’s so easy to prepare: dice up some fresh salmon, mix it with the rest of the ingredients, and spend your time with the ones you love most!

2. Brie-Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Melt some hearts with this cheesy chicken recipe. Simply stuff chicken breasts with brie and fresh herbs, then pan fry. Served with a cream and white wine sauce, this deliciously rich dish is sure to impress.

3. Duck with Chocolate and Red Wine Sauce

Chocolate and wine are precursors to a very romantic evening. And these two ingredients blend perfectly to make a sweet-savoury sauce that enhances the deep flavour of duck breast, along with a sauté of kale and cranberries.

4. Tomato Risotto

This risotto has a striking red colour thanks to a homemade tomato base made with chicken broth and Italian tomatoes. The rice cooks slowly for that creamy, oh-so-good texture, and is best served topped with a final touch: confit tomatoes.

5. Pork Medallions with Cherry and Spice Sauce

Fall under the spell of this simple recipe: Morello cherries and their juices are used to make a bright sauce, pepped up by star anise and a mixture of five-spice. Serve it with steamed vegetables and, if you’re feeling romantic, rice in the shape of a heart!

6. Salt-Crusted Fish

You’re guaranteed to wow when this dish hits the table! Don’t be intimidated by the salt crust, a basic mixture of whipped egg whites and salt, which coats the whole fish placed on a non-stick baking sheet. An incomparable taste and texture, this is a recipe you won’t soon forget.


7. Jam Filled Cookies

Show some Valentine’s Day cheer to those you care about by slipping these heart-shaped cookies into their lunch box. Make sure they don’t brown too much while baking and that they keep their pale colour. Sprinkle with a little love (or icing sugar).

8. Chocolate Passion Fruit Cake

This chocolate cake amazes with the combination of slightly tangy chocolate cream flavoured with passion fruit. The latter is actually a custard made by combining passion fruit and gelatin. Generously iced with chocolate ganache, this dessert is exquisite.

9. Molten Chocolate Cake

We love timeless classics, especially when they require very few ingredients. Here, all you need are five items to make ultra-chocolatey cupcakes with gooey centres. Be sure to eat them while they’re still hot!

10. Chocolate Raspberry Crémeux for Two

This dessert is designed for two, and best eaten fork to fork! White chocolate cream is topped with dark chocolate quenelles made with egg yolks, cream and butter. Raspberries macerated in raspberry liqueur give this dish its finishing touch.