10 Recipes to Celebrate Spring

Despite everything, spring will still officially start up this weekend! Here are 10 recipes to enjoy the season when maple syrup, seafood and colorful produce are back on our plates.

Apple, Walnut and Bacon Green Salad

This is the most commented on salad recipe on our website! It’s ideal for putting maple in the spotlight.

Crab Spring Rolls

A spring roll to welcome spring—what more could you ask for?

Quinoa with Grilled Vegetables and Tofu

This vegetarian recipe is one of last spring’s 10 most popular recipes on our website. A good reason to try it!

Lemon Cake

Back by popular demand, our lemon cake has returned to grocery store shelves, accompanied by our new chocolate cake. Try to make it yourself at home!

Bacon, Beans and Egg Sheet Pan Breakfast

To transform your home into a modern sugar shack, try this easy recipe on a sheet pan.

Poke Bowl

This bowl, filled with fresh, bright ingredients, is perfect for sunny days.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Ham

 Here’s a simple but comforting recipe that stars Easter ham leftovers.

Pressure Cooker Pea Soup

Using a pressure cooker, pea soup has never been so quick and easy.

Marshmallow and Maple Chocolate Bars

When one thinks of spring, maple definitely comes to mind. These tasty bars will surely impress the kids!

Salmon Tartare (The Best)

Here’s one word to describe this dish: fresh!