Stylish Sandwiches for the Return to the Office

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After months of working from home, making do with whatever’s on hand in the refrigerator and eating alone in front of your screen, the return to face-to-face office life (we hope!) is motivation enough to prepare tasty lunches for meals with colleagues. In collaboration with RW&CO., we were inspired by the latest autumnal colour trends to put some style back in our wardrobes, as well as our lunch boxes. On the menu: the great return of the sandwich, prepared in tune with the tones of the season.

Our inspirations

Huckleberry, Hummus and Forest Night are the colours of the season, both in our wardrobes and in our lunches, particularly when we cook ingredients like beets, kale and eggplant.

1. Beet and Tofu Deli Sandwich

This amazing sandwich is packed with flavours! First, we garnish the bread with a pickle and dill condiment. In a pan, we mix mustard, oil and honey, then add slices of tofu. But the real highlight of the show is the vibrant, deep red beets that come in and colour the tofu, reminding us of the Huckleberry hue. It’s definitely a head-turner!

2. Pita with Eggplant and Egg (Sabich Sandwich)

A typical Israeli dish, this sandwich honours the fall with eggplant, a seasonal vegetable of intense purple colour, which is fried in oil until tender and golden. It’s then tucked into pita bread, packed with fresh chopped vegetables, cilantro and mango sauce, for the ultimate statement sandwich.

3. Fish Croquette Pita Sandwiches

The fish croquettes in this recipe require a little preparation the day before, but come noontime, simply warm them up in the office toaster oven or microwave before placing them in a pita topped with lettuce, cucumbers and plain yogurt. Don’t forget to spread some hummus, whose caramel cream colour screams autumn—in addition to giving the sandwich some zing!

4. Roast Turkey and Avocado Sandwiches

In this recipe, we use slices of sous-vide turkey roast with bacon, but any leftover turkey roast will do. We like to start the school year off with good habits by going with whole wheat bread—both for its nutritional value and to create a contrast with the green of avocado, lettuce and pickles. Brown (bread!) has never looked so appetizing, or so beautiful.

5. Crispy Kale and Avocado Toasts

This fall, see life in all its green glory with the Forest Night hue and foods loaded with chlorophyll—like kale. The leafy veg’s rich green is punctuated with softer hues of avocado purée and slivered green grapes. Baked, the kale is crispy and brings some bite to this lunch for a sandwich that says, “It’s easy being green.”

Thanks to lunch and style going hand in hand, there’s no doubt that you’ll be putting your best foot forward when you return to the office (and eat lunch!) this fall.

This article is a collaboration between RICARDO and RW&CO.