In the Spotlight: The Regions of Quebec on Our Plates

While hitting the road and exploring the province of Quebec, we noticed an abundance of gourmet products no matter where we went. We were inspired by local flavours and whipped up a few simple recipes that highlighted the terroir. On the table: five foods from five different regions. Happy travels!


Scallops are a seafood that we enjoy cooking and they can be found in abundance in this region. Serve them in this chic and simple dish with cream, Quebec miso, spinach, mushrooms and lentils. This stew combines the best of both the forest and the sea in the Gaspésie region.


Turbot is also nicknamed “Greenland halibut.” On the North Shore, its fishing generates great economic activity. Its sweet-tasting flesh pairs well with more delicate ingredients, and it only takes a few of them to enhance the turbot’s flavour. Corn is used here two ways: in the corn milk and in the gremolata with zucchini. The latter also serves as a side dish.


In a classic parmentier there is usually duck, but we’ve prepared this recipe using ground lamb. It’s a nod to the Charlevoix region, a can’t-miss gourmet destination. We add carrots and fennel to the meat, which we then cover with caramelized onions. For their part, the mashed potatoes are mixed with rosemary and breadcrumbs for texture. To speed up cooking, we baked them individually in ramekins.


The cranberry is as emblematic of this region as the blueberry is to Lac-Saint-Jean. The climate and soil of Centre-du-Québec are perfect for growing this red fruit. We baked it here in a chocolate dessert. The tartness of the cranberry pairs well with the bitterness of dark chocolate. For an extra dose of indulgence, serve the cake warm with a scoop of ice cream.


Renowned as an agritourism destination, Montérégie abounds in fine products, beginning with the apple. We combined it with a sweet pastry shell filled with maple pastry cream and apple compote. Slices of Cortland apples in a rosette pattern give it a gorgeous final touch. Once it comes out of the oven, be sure to brush it with a thin layer of apple jelly.

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