How to Hold a Successful Cookie Exchange

Are you taking part in a cookie exchange this year or looking to organize one? Here’s how to pull off this gourmet activity. It’s the perfect occasion to spend some quality time with friends and stock up on cookies for the holidays.

Recipe for success

A cookie exchange is a relatively simple activity to organize. Invite between 10 and 15 people and ask them to bring two or three dozen of their favourite homemade cookies. At the end of the party, each guest leaves with a share of the remaining cookies. This is also a great time to trade recipes.

Have your cookie and eat it too

Beyond the fun of getting together with the gang, a cookie exchange can also make life easier. By leaving with an assortment of cookies, you’re guaranteed to have a nice variety over the holidays, especially since many of them freeze well. Win-win!

How the cookie crumbles

Here are some practical tips for a successful event:

  • Ensure there are plenty of serving platters on the table to display everyone’s cookies.
  • Provide labels so people can jot down the names of their cookies and mention whether they can be frozen.
  • Rolls of parchment paper are also handy for layering when it’s time to pack up the cookies in tins.
  • Set aside a few extra tins for takeaway.

Cookie companions

To accompany all those cookies, have a pot of coffee and tea at the ready. And mimosas! For the kids, serve milk or juice. If you’re really ambitious, get a hot chocolate bar going, complete with a variety of toppings, like marshmallows and candy-cane grinds.

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