5 Warm Chocolate Desserts for Cold Days

Discover the chocolatey creations of Kareen, our head of product development. She’s so devoted to chocolate, she launched La Fabrique with Ricardo! Read on to fall under the irresistible spell of some deliciously warm chocolate desserts.

1. A sumptuous soufflé

This soufflé definitely requires some finesse. But the moment your spoon hits the warm, creamy centre, you’ll realize it was worth the effort. Enjoy!

2. A different doughnut

Get out your doughnut pan to create this take on baked Spanish churros. Coat them in cinnamon sugar and then dunk them in hot chocolate sauce. Sublime!

3. A deep-dish cookie

You’ll flip for this giant cookie with a middle layer of hot, delicious ganache. And be sure to make extras for the gang by freezing some uncooked. Add your very own homemade vanilla ice cream, made with your ice cream maker, for an epic taste experience.

4. Chocolatey croquettes

Cromesquis are savoury croquettes that get a sweet reboot with rich, runny chocolate centres. Serve these with ice cream for a wintertime hot-and-cold contrast.

5. Creamy Hot Chocolate

The melted homemade marshmallows make this hot chocolate extra-creamy, and the Mexican-inspired hits of cinnamon and cayenne really enhance the flavour. What more could you want?