8 Culinary Projects to Tackle Over the Next Few Days

At RICARDO, we believe that cooking is the perfect activity for the next few days at home (along with taking healthy walks in between recipes!). Most restaurants are closed, so there’s no better time to develop a new skill, like baking. Are the kids home? If so, great! You’ll have more hands to help. Here are 8 project ideas that will keep you, your little ones and your mind occupied.

1. Croissants

The number one reason to make these croissants is because they’re simply divine, but they’ll also fill the house with that irresistible buttery, warm aroma. Below is a step-by-step visual guide to making your own homemade croissants, but if you’re looking for something simpler than pastries, why not try making homemade butter instead?

2. Homemade Tia Maria

Having the time to make your own coffee liqueur doesn’t happen very often! This recipe is best enjoyed in the comfort of your living room while flipping through a magazine or watching Netflix.

3. Bread

This no-knead homemade bread has a proven track record with our Content Director, Maude, who makes it almost every week. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is your chance!

4. Ricotta

Today’s lesson: making cheese! According to Christine, our Art Director, there’s no better recipe for children that explains how to make fresh cheese.

5. Pita bread

This pita bread will no doubt impress your loved ones and could not be better suited when paired with butter chicken using our very own RICARDO cooking sauce.

6. Fresh pasta

Turning the crank keeps the little ones busy, according to our graphic designer Genevieve, who has twin girls at home. The best part? The pasta is delicious!

7. Yogurt

Want to take advantage of this down time to learn how to use a new cooking tool? Get the RICARDO pressure cooker directly from our online store. Ricardo loves to make this yogurt recipe topped with jam.

8. Homemade marshmallows

Looking for a challenge in the kitchen? Then these chocolate-covered marshmallow bites are for you.

Looking for more ideas for fun foods to make at home, like tofu or nougat?  Check more of our recipes!