June 22–26, 2020: What to Cook This Week

Given it’s the Saint-Jean-Baptiste holiday in Quebec this Wednesday, this week’s menu will pay tribute to local foods from the province. This includes meals that have shaped Quebec’s culinary identity, from diner classics to nostalgic favourites.

Monday: Bagel Burger

When one thinks of Montreal, one thinks of the best the world! Here, we’ve toasted and garnished them with cream cheese and fondue beef. Delicious!

Tuesday: Salmon Shepherd's Pie

This Québécois version of shepherd’s pie (known as pâté chinois) is a staple in many homes. We’ve swapped the meat for a more seasonal-friendly salmon. It adds a touch of freshness to this cozy dish.

Wednesday: Poutine with Homemade Gravy

On this provincial holiday, it’s hard to avoid poutine! And this classic version is perfect. We’ve double-fried the potatoes for the ultimate result, worthy of this emblematic dish from Drummondville, which many say is the birthplace of poutine!

Thursday: Hot Chicken Sandwiches

Hot chicken sandwiches bring back childhood memories for many in Quebec. In this recipe, we’ve used dinner rolls instead of sliced bread to keep them from getting too soggy. It adds a nice touch to this classic dish, along with gravy and peas!

Friday: Beer Cheese Fondue

Love for cheese around these parts is strong, given the many excellent cheese producers we have here. After a long week of working from home for many, a cozy cheese fondue enjoyed slowly is in the cards. Switch up your cheeses and discover many local varieties, including the tasty Oka cheese we used in this recipe.

Dessert: Quebec Flag Cake

This is the Quebec holiday cake par excellence—it’s definitely sure to impress. For extra precision, use a pastry bag for the final touches on the fleur de lys. Enjoy and have a fun virtual celebration!