July 27-31, 2020: What to Cook on Hot Summer Days

When summer is at its hottest, we often want to skip the oven and opt for meals that require little to no cooking. We add fresh and colourful ingredients to our plates, and choose dishes best enjoyed cold or at room temperature. Salads, sandwiches, bites – it’s the season to cook fresh!

Monday: Gazpacho Pasta Salad

Gazpacho is a welcome meal idea during summer. Very popular in the south of Spain, this cold soup can be served as a starter or main. Our salad version adds pasta to help sustain you during those warm July nights.

Tuesday: Cold Avocado and Cucumber Soup

This creamy soup is perfect during a heat wave. Dive your spoon right in for a taste of freshness and you’ll truly appreciate its delicate flavours. Choose perfectly ripened avocados for this recipe – our three-in-one tool makes pitting and slicing a breeze.

Wednesday: Mango Chicken Salad Sandwich

The combination of mango and chicken turns the ordinary sandwich on its head for a surprise in each bite! Include mint and cilantro for added freshness. Perfect for a poolside picnic after a swim.

Thursday: Salmon Tartare (The Best)

When one thinks of a light meal best enjoyed during a heat wave, this bistro classic quickly comes to mind. Want to enjoy it outside on a hot day? Place portions in individual bowls and rest them over larger bowls filled with ice.

Friday: Fresh Spring Rolls

This staple of Vietnamese cuisine always makes its way to our table during the warmer season! The marriage of flavours is absolutely sublime. It’s so easy to make and, of course, is best enjoyed cold. The only time you need the oven is to prep the accompanying sauce!