August 10–14, 2020: Ways to Cook with Corn This Week

Every summer, there are so many wonderful and fresh ingredients in season, but none more delectable than corn. Freshly shucked, it’s great simply grilled and slathered with butter, or used in a variety of recipes. Check out these must-try recipes for the week.

Monday: On the Cob

Eating corn on the cob is synonymous with summer, and it’s one of life’s true pleasures during corn season. Here we’ve given it a Mexican twist, brushing our grilled elotes with a spicy mayonnaise mix before topping with some queso fresco and a squeeze of lime.

Tuesday: Paired with Meat

Grilled pork chops are a summer staple, and if you’re looking for a unique pairing, look no further than fresh ears of corn. We made a creamed-style corn with cheese curds as a topping, and added pickled red onions for a pop of colour.

Wednesday: In a Salad

This recipe is one of the most popular salads on our site… and for good reason! With corn, green beans, cherry tomatoes, a tangy vinaigrette and bacon, it’ll be a hit with everyone. Bonus: It can be enjoyed cold, so make some in advance for your next picnic!

Thursday: In a Soup

If you make these Cajun shrimp burgers, make sure to use up any excess shrimp in this heavenly chowder. With hearty potatoes, plump corn kernels, spicy shrimp and briny clam juice, this is a soup that packs a punch!

Friday: On a Pizza

Friday night is pizza night, and this sausage version brings a burst of sweet and crunchy corn to every bite! Grilled to perfection, there’s no other way to cap off the week.

Dessert: Cornmeal and Seasonal Blueberries

For this cake, we’re not using fresh corn but fine cornmeal as its base. Paired with fresh, plump blueberries and topped with a sweet, buttery crumble, this treat also makes a great breakfast with your morning coffee.