January 25-29, 2021: Warm Menu for Cold Days

With the temperature getting colder and a carpet of snow on the ground, we’re all craving dishes that’ll warm us up and make us feel good. This week, we’re suggesting a warm menu for the final days of January. Fondue, soup, stewed veggies...hello, comfort cuisine!

Monday: Sloppy Banh-Mi

This sloppy joe/banh mi hybrid is perfect for a Monday night! It’s topped with a colourful slaw of red cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, and let’s not forget coriander. You can even enjoy it on the side if you prefer. Serve it on a hot dog bun, and you’ve got a flavourful and texture-filled meal on your hands!

Tuesday: Curried Cabbage Noodles with Sautéed Beef

Just between us, even though we want to include more veggies in our diet, we often fall short on ideas… Replacing egg noodles in a sauté with cabbage sliced into thin strips is pretty ingenious, we have to admit! So here’s a great recipe to enjoy this week, as well as a good way to get the family to eat some extra veggies.

Wednesday: Pressure Cooker Lentil and Squash Curry

When one thinks of heartwarming meals, the pressure cooker often comes to mind. Among our wide selection of recipes, this lentil and squash curry that requires 15 minutes of prep and 18 minutes of cooking stands out. Topped with a dollop of yogurt and served with naan, here’s a vegetarian dish that’s pleasing to both the eyes and taste buds!

Thursday: Ramen Noodle and Beef Soup

Tonight, we’re suggesting a simple ramen soup. Bonus? The kids will love it! With an aromatic broth that’s then loaded with slices of sirloin steak, sweet potato, bean sprouts, green onions, coriander and lime wedges, it’s the perfect combination of freshness and warmth.

Friday: Swiss Cheese Fondue (The Best)

How does a Friday night fondue sound? Tonight, end your week in style with a recipe rated five stars by our community. Break out your fondue set and treat yourself to this winter staple.

Cozy Desserts: Deep-Dish Chocolate Cookie + Warm Caramel and Pecan Pudding Cake

Given that it’s the weekend, celebrate with a couple of thematic warm desserts! Come out of the gate strong with these gooey skillet cookies for the family to share! The second option is a warm pudding cake with caramel and pecans that’ll warm the heart. As one of our users put it in the comments, “It’s a luxury pudding cake!” In short, treat yourself!