February 15-19, 2021: Your Mediterranean-Inspired Weekly Menu

As winter drags on, we’re all dreaming of a warm getaway to somewhere, anywhere. While travel has to remain on the back burner for a little while longer, that doesn’t mean you can’t go on a warm vacation in the comfort of your own kitchen! This week, we’re crossing the Atlantic Ocean and sharing with you a selection of recipes from various Mediterranean countries.

Monday: Shrimp Croque-Monsieur on an English Muffin

Let’s begin our journey around the Mediterranean Sea in France, with the classic French bistro dish, the croque-monsieur. While the traditional version consists of a ham and cheese sandwich topped with a bechamel sauce, many like to have fun and switch up the filling. This version includes frozen shrimp and corn, and is served on an English muffin; it’s the perfect weeknight meal!

Tuesday: One-Pot Lasagna

Next up: Italy! This nation is a master when it comes to all things pasta, especially the popular lasagna. While our version here isn’t your traditional one, we still think Nonna would approve, given that we’re saving you time, energy (and a sinkful of dishes!) by softening the veggies, cooking the meat and layering the dish all in the same skillet.

Wednesday: Tuna and Egg Brikas

Crossing over to Tunisia, we’re making these tuna and egg turnovers tonight. Perfect as an on-the-go meal, we think they also make a great light lunch or dinner when paired with a salad. We suggest you go authentic and use brik pastry sheets, but if you are unable to find any, spring roll pastry sheets also work well.

Thursday: Vegetarian Harira Soup

Headed westward, our next stop is Morocco! Harira, the classic lentil and chickpea soup, often includes a bit of meat (like chicken or lamb), but can also be enjoyed in a vegetarian version. Fragrant, spicy and oh so cozy, this dish is sure to warm you up during these cold winter months!

Friday: Paella (The Best)

What’s a trip across the Mediterranean without a stop in Spain? And when one thinks of this European nation, delicious, piping hot paella comes to mind. This well-known rice dish is loaded with a mixed bag of goodies: shrimp, mussels, squid, sausage, chicken, artichoke hearts, veggies and spices. While you may not be sitting on an outdoor patio on the coast at the moment, this recipe is sure to whisk you away.

Dessert: Grape Spoon Sweet

And for a taste of something sweet, let’s venture off to Greece for a moment. Spoon sweets are a very sticky and syrupy fruit preserve, and can be made using a myriad of fruits. We adore this grape version, which can be enjoyed on its own, or served on top of ice cream or Greek yogurt.