July 19 to 23, 2021: A Weekly Menu That Tastes Like the Seaside

In this week’s menu, we’re taking you on a culinary beach vacation. Walking along the boardwalk, digging your toes in the sand...remember those days? Well, we’ve got a few seaside-inspired dinner ideas to tide (get it?) you over until you can finally head back to the coast again.

Monday: Clams in White Wine with Parsley and Bacon Crumble

Seafood in summer; what could be better? Steamed clams in a white wine broth are a classic of the Jersey Shore, but given that crossing the border isn’t a possibility at the moment, making this recipe at home is close enough.

Tuesday: Smoked Paprika Corn Dogs

Corn dogs are synonymous with the seashore. After all, what could be more portable while walking along the boardwalk than food on a stick? We added paprika to the corn batter for that hint of smokiness.

Wednesday: Fish Tacos with Tomatillo Salsa

Miami Beach, San Diego, Atlantic City…many American boardwalks boast popular taco shacks. And while you may enjoy a chicken or steak version, being by the water means opting for fish is an obvious choice! You’ll love the contrast of the soft white fish against the fresh crunch of the slaw. 

Thursday: Thin-Crust Margherita Pizza

There are always dozens of pizza stands along the boardwalks of various coastal cities, so we have to give a shout-out to the humble pizza. Make a simple margherita-style pizza for dinner tonight, and while you may not have the seaside views, your meal will be a hit regardless.

Friday: Lobster Rolls

When we take a bite of lobster roll, memories come flooding back of happy moments spent by the water, whether in Maine, New Jersey or Massachusetts. Let those happy moments back in by whipping up a few lobster rolls tonight! If a seaside vacation isn’t in the cards this summer, this is a close second.

Snack: Giant Pretzels

What is a more iconic boardwalk food than a giant pretzel? Soft and salty, it pairs wonderfully with a cold beer.