October 18 to 22, 2021: 5 Weekday Comfort Dishes to Make and Enjoy

Comfort food season has officially begun, and while we save the warm and inviting braises and hours-long simmering for the weekend, we want that same feeling during the week—in a fraction of the time! Here are a few of our coziest weekday recipes you’ll want to partake in all autumn long.

Monday: Vegetarian Chili with Edamame

When the colder months hit, nothing brings more comfort to the soul than a warm bowl of chili. This vegetarian version hits the very same spot as its meatier compatriots and tastes just as delicious.

Tuesday: Hearty Chicken and Rice Soup

When one thinks of comfort food, chicken soup is always top of mind. Tender bits of chicken, chunky pieces of vegetables and fluffy rice make for a filling dinner.

Wednesday: Pork Steaks with Lemon-Rosemary Fries

Pork chops smothered in sauce: is there anything better? The tender chops are doused in a rich gravy and paired with aromatic fries, for a restaurant feeling right at home.

Thursday: Welsh Rarebit

A grilled cheese sandwich or even a croque-monsieur are often the epitome of quick and easy comfort dishes. Crisp bread, gooey cheese... What could be better? Welsh rarebit is the British iteration of this classic combo and it is absolutely decadent.

Friday: Sausage and Eggplant Penne

When a busy workweek comes to a close, one may need a hearty plate of pasta and meat sauce to decompress. This penne recipe, with a quick sausage, eggplant and roasted bell pepper sauce, will certainly do the trick!