October 25 to 29, 2021: 5 Dinner Ideas the Kids Will Love

Halloween is this coming weekend. We’re sure the kids are excited about the festivities to come, so why not take that excitement and roll with it? We’ve got dinner ideas that they’ll absolutely adore and will make for something fun to look forward to every night this week.

Monday: Giant Broccoli Meatballs

Broccoli may tend to give the kids a fright, but the veggie is practically invisible in the larger-than-life meatballs. Your children will simply love the novelty of their dinner!

Tuesday: Flatbread Pizzas with Spinach and Feta

Pizza without having to roll out some dough? We’re in! Greek pitas (or even naan) make the perfect vehicle for these flatbreads topped with cooked spinach and briny feta cheese.

Wednesday: Chicken Quesadillas

A meal idea that takes approximately 15 minutes to make? When you’re spending the evening decorating the house and mending a few Halloween costumes, every minute saved counts.

Thursday: Mushroom and Spinach Frittata

Want to throw the kids’ schedules for a loop? Switch up their day by having eggs for dinner instead of at breakfast. This simple frittata will be a hit and will throw a wrench into that same old routine.

Friday: Pork and Broccoli Cheeseburgers

Friday night is burger night! But put away that delivery app on your phone and take a few moments to whip these up. The kids will love the yummy sauce and the gooey three-cheese combo; you’ll love that they’re actually enjoying broccoli.