November 29 to December 3, 2021: 5 European-Inspired Recipes to Cozy Up To This Week

Looking to bring some international flair to your weeknight meals? In this week’s menu, we’re bringing the flavours of Europe to your dinner table. Hearty, cozy and delicious, the five recipes below will surely take your taste buds on a journey…minus the need for a passport!

Monday: Tuscan Kale and White Bean Minestrone

“Comfort in a bowl” is the best way we can describe this soup from Italy’s Tuscany region. Beans cooked along with Tuscan black cabbage (or just regular kale if that’s all you have) in a tomato-based broth will leave you wanting seconds.

Tuesday: Zurich-Style Veal and Mushrooms

The classic züri gschnätzlets is a popular dish in Switzerland, consisting of veal served with a creamy mushroom sauce. It is best enjoyed with a side of crispy rösti. While you may not be on a ski vacation to the Alps, partaking in this dish will feel a little bit like you are.

Wednesday: Chorizo Tortilla

Don’t be fooled by the name; we aren’t talking about the popular corn or wheat flatbread you typically find in Mexican cuisine. This potato omelette hails from Spain and is almost always featured on the tapas menu in any Spanish taverna. It is best served at room temperature.

Thursday: Croque-Monsieur

This open-faced sandwich from France is quite the decadent treat, and is perfect to make on a busy weeknight. It is simply bread topped with ham, melty cheese, and a creamy, easy-to-make béchamel sauce. Craving a croque-madame instead? Just add an egg to it!

Friday: Spaetzle with Chicken and Arugula

Spaetzle is a small egg dumpling found in Germany and other Central European countries. It is often served alongside a rich, sauce-laden meat dish, but our recipe here is on the lighter (but no less hearty!) side with browned chicken, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and arugula.