December 20 to 24, 2021: 5 Quick Dishes for Busy Holiday Evenings

The holidays are just days away. But amidst all that last-minute shopping and other prep, you still have to eat! Here are five weekday meals that are quick to make and enjoy, so you can get back down to business.

Monday: Tex-Mex Beef Macaroni

Ground beef, cheddar cheese and macaroni: Who can resist that? This kid-friendly dish is ready in approximately 30 minutes, and the little ones will dive right into it. Which is great, as they’ll be happily occupied while you’re busy hiding their presents from Santa.

Tuesday: Quick Miso-Honey Salmon Bowl

Any recipe that has the word “quick” in its name is a winner in our book. This meal of brown rice, marinated salmon and a couple of veggies will surely tide you over between writing holiday cards and building that gingerbread house.

Wednesday: Sausage Stew with Polenta

A bag of instant polenta will become your new best friend, ensuring the classic boiled cornmeal dish is cooked in mere minutes. Serve with a hearty sausage stew with vegetables, and you’ll be satiated and ready for that second round of gift-wrapping!

Thursday: Stracciatella Soup

This tasty, cozy and simple five-ingredient (yes, five!) soup will certainly hit the spot tonight. Fun to eat (the cooked egg has a stringy texture), the family will surely enjoy this meal, and you’ll appreciate the fact that it only took less than 20 minutes of your time to make.

Friday: Chicken Naan Pizzas

Looking for a quick Friday night pizza that doesn’t require rolling out dough? Check! This simple pizza has naan bread as its base, and is topped with chicken, butter chicken sauce, halloumi cheese and a fresh cherry tomato salsa.